Mr Ernesto Ibarra founded Ernesto Ibarra S de RL, a trading company specialized in import products.

Its modest installations were located in República del Salvador street. Downtown Mexico City. His dream was distributing pistachios, almonds, cinnamon and pepper of the best quality to mexican families.


Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA.

Due to the combined effort of all of its employees, the company evolves and constantly grows. The company name changes to Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA.


Mr. Paul Camhi is incorporated into the company.

Mr. Paul Camhi is incorporated into the company as an employee who would be responsible for the warehouse. Thanks to his discipline and unique vision of the business, he is promoted to Commercial Manager with in the company.a.


Mr. Paul Camhi leaves Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA.

The vision Mr. Paul Camhi has of the company makes him leave Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA. Aware of the power of growth that the company has, he promises to work hard so that one day he can be the owner.


Mr. Paul Camhi acquires Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA.

After working tirelessly to fulfill his word, Mr. Paul Camhi succeeds in achieving the support of investors. He has convinced them to invest in a Mexican company that would have no territorial limits in the future, thus he buys Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA.

The beginning was not easy and the risks were quite a few. Nevertheless Mr. Camhi did not have any doubts, even to pledge his own patrimony, because he knew that with the support of his family he would make his dream come true, which was to season the home flavor with high quality spices.


Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA changues location.

Just one year later and with a totally renovated vision, the company begins operations under the leadership and control of the Camhi family.

Ernesto Ibarra y Cía, SA moves to a new location at Carlos B. Zetina # 52, in Mexico City, from which it operated until the year 2011.


The company expands and commercializes different brands.

Under a new direction, the company expands and commercialized different brands; among them was Oroliva oil, Mérida Products, Spice Islands, Del Monte Products, Pistachios, Lawrys and dressings.

Within this year a great step has been taken to develop a national brand. Company owned formulas are developed and a new phase of the company initiates.

The Escosa spices and condiments line is created and gradually the line becomes one of the principal brands leading the market of spices, condiments, seasoners, and related products.



The commercial brand ESCOSA is born.

The commercial brand ESCOSA is born and it is named by the acronyms of Especias y Condimentos Sabrosos.

The company confronts a great devaluation of the peso against the dollar and it takes a toll in great measure on the products that are sugar based, therefore the company owned formulas become important niches that would support the company for a great number of years.


Mr. Paul Camhi dies at the age of 65 years.

Mr. Paul Camhi dies September 01, 1990 at the age of 65.

Mauricio Camhi is in charge of preserving the legacy of effort and union that he inherited from his father. The example of perseverance and love for the mexican flavor drives Mauricio to expand ESCOSA beyond the borders of our country.


ESCOSA takes the traditional flavor of our kitchen to the Europe. de nuestra cocina a la Unión Europea.

ESCOSA takes the traditional flavor of our kitchen to the Europe.


Certification FSSC22000 and Kosher Quality Seals.

Food safety is very important for ESCOSA, the quality that has been perfected during the course of several years, has bestowed it with the prestige of the FSSC22000 certification and the Kosher quality seals.

As a result of the admirable effort of direction, vision and leadership plus the commitment of its management and operation staff, an important step has been taken to convert the company that Mr. Paul Camhi sprung up a new, into a prominent company that has the most important distribution channels in Mexico and abroad. A diversified portfolio, prestigious imported products and the development of its own brands created for the retail chains inside and out of Mexico.


ESCOSA moves to Cuautitlán Izcalli.

ESCOSA moves its operation to a larger facility with more capacity in Cuautitlán Izcalli, preserving a clear vision towards the future in order to maintain alive the legacy of Mr. Paul Camhi in the table of all the mexican families.